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5.Rules and Regulations

5.1.1. All Models Will be required to sign an agreement with our Organization at the beginning of the event to abide by our Rules and Regulations.
5.1.2. The Model awarded the title Mrs.Universe Egypt must sign an enduring agreement for the duration of her reign to abide by our rules and regulations during her term.
5.1.3. The Model ACCEPT all deadlines (postponed, rescheduling) the schedule and dates of events provided by The Organiser.
5.1.4. The Model CONFIRM as to this is a fair competition and CONFIRM that she is in a stable mental condition.
5.1.5. The Model CONFIRM she is not subject to criminal and administrative prosecution within the Egypt or elsewhere.
5.1.6. The Model UNDERSTAND that in the event that she is unable to participate in the event that, the all payments paid is non – refundable. It should be noted that in the event of a documented infection with COVID-19, the Contestant will NOT BE ALLOWED to compete.
5.1.7. The Model UNDERSTAND any professional endorsements, contracts, printed use for personal or professional purposes must be pre-approved by the Organiser in writing.
5.1.8. The Model CONFIRM that she has no pictures or videos taken of pornographic content.
5.1.9. The Model UNDERSTAND in the event of her awarded the title Mrs. Universe Egypt, then all travel expenses associated with travel to the final of the contest Mrs. Universe 2023 shall be at her own expense.
5.2.1. Model UNDERSTAND the Mrs.Universe Egypt Organiser is not responsible for accident or injury to her during the event, or for cancellation(s) or changes /postponed to the event dates beyond control or any costs incurred due to such changes as may occur.
5.2.2. All Models are required to help increase the social media promotion of Mrs.Universe Egypt in their region (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok).
5.2.3. The Model awarded the title Mrs.Universe Egypt may not use any branding, which is copyright of the Organiser, Mrs.Universe Egypt in any marketing without prior written authorization from the Organiser.
5.2.4. The Model SHOULD NOT allow photographs to be taken by anybody unless by the official Photographers of Mrs.Universe Egypt or by the other Photographers or people with the Organizer permission.
5.2.5. The Model are NOT ALLOWED to receive any gifts from any of the sponsors or anybody except from Organizer Mrs.Universe Egypt. It’s not allowed to receive any invitations for lunch or dinner or any trips from anybody except from Organizer Mrs.Universe Egypt during the event.
5.2.6. The Model also agrees never to leave the group of the Organizer or Models during the event.
5.2.7. Expense in relation to hotel mini- bar, ironing, laundry, dry- cleaning, telephone calls, faxes and all other personal expenses are the cost and responsibility of Model.
5.2.8. The Model shall always behave with dignity and be polite to everyone within the host country.
5.2.9 Model will be punctual for all activities, and not to leave the activity unless authorized by the Organiser.
5.3.1. The Model AGREE that during the event it is prohibited to drink alcoholic beverages and use drugs. Failure to comply with these conditions will mean that the Organizer have the right to terminate the agreement unilaterally and all payments shall be forfeited
5.3.2. The Model UNDERSTAND all the rules and regulations of the agreement and confirms her compliance with same and the laws of the Egypt and indemnifies the Organiser against any responsibility for any breach of same.
5.3.3. The Model UNDERSTAND that any violation of the foregoing may result in disqualification from the event and all payments shall be forfeited.
5.3.4. The Model UNDERSTAND that failure to comply with the terms set out in this agreement will mean that the Organiser will have the right to terminate her agreement and to awarded the title MRS.UNIVERSE Egypt any other Model. New Winner would then receive all the rights and corresponding obligations. If this happen, terminated Model UNDERSTAND that as the discharged Winner that she could not use the title and could not make any claim. She also UNDERSTAND that, she would have to give to the New Winner the prizes received, the trophy received and also any other prizes and awards that she would had received when elected as Winner .
5.3.5. The Model UNDERSTAND all responsibility and agrees to bear any punishment provided for by the Egypt legislation for any photo and video content made by her during her stay in the country of the event and compromising the reputation of Mrs.Universe Egypt of the Organiser of the event and also violating the legislation Egypt and will entail disqualification without the right to return all payments paid.
5.3.6. Refund all payments are possible ONLY in case of cancellation of the event and will be made only 14 working days after the official announcement of the cancellation of the event.
5.3.7. The Model CONFIRM by signing below that she has read and agree to the foregoing Terms and Conditions and privacy statement.


International Reputation where the most beautiful ladies of the world participate in the event which exalts women of maturity who contribute to society by means of Entrepreneurship, social Sporting or Community achievements,
Security and life balance. Mrs.Universe Egypt 2023, will be
first time in Egypt