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MRS. EARTH will be selected based on poise, inner-beauty, confidence and sincerity. As a delegate at the Mrs. Earth® pageant, you will have the opportunity to represent the ladies of your country.

The Mrs. Earth title will change the life of the very lucky woman. Mrs. Earth will win thousands of dollars in cash and prizes. Each deserving queen will represent the best qualities of the Earth’s many married or single women.
The idea of all this event and the activities going through the whole year is that mature women, who have already achieved a lot in their life, who have built their own families, have become mothers themselves, who are independent , due to their own efforts, are the women who can use their beauty for the sake of a big cause.
Promote the production and use of renewable energy and government policies aimed to encourage investments in green economy and to facilitate the production, import, export and re-export of green products and technologies. Relates to developing urban planning policies that preserve the environment and to raise the efficiency of housing and buildings environmentally.
Develope of means for dealing with the effects of climate change, promote organic agriculture, maintain biodiversity and protect the ecological balance. Will take part of rationalising the use of water resources, electricity and natural resources and recycle waste and development and promotion of green technology.
Our philosophy
Since 2008 women from all over the Earth have held the most elite crown of Mrs. Earth. This began as a platform for a women.

The Mrs. Earth & Ms. Earth® Pagntea is a great experience for women everywhere who wish to promote their views, voice their opinions, get involved, network, support special causes, fulfill personal goals, and simply have fun. No previous pageant or modeling experience is necessary and there is no talent-performance component.
We are seeking beautiful ladies over the age of 21, married and single, who are well rounded, confident, intelligent and committed to family, community and country.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to rethink how to move forward with our mission of bringing light and hope to the 20 million Filipinos who are still living in darkness,” said Illac Diaz, Founder and Executive Director of Liter of Light. “The LIGHT IT FORWARD CHALLENGE invites everyone to be a part of the solution by giving their time and talent to those who need it most, all from the safety of home.”

You can order your own solar light kit from Lazada:
Today, beauty symbolizes much more than appearance. Beauty is someone’s personality, intelligence, values ​​and everything they contribute to the world and humanity which makes them beautiful.
We assembling lights for Typhoon Odette victims in the Philippines ????????????
Mrs.Earth empowers women to realize their ambition and build self-confidence, acting as a catalyst for future success. The Mrs.Earth family is a sisterhood that is committed to uplifting and empowering one another
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Please fill out the form below. We will direct your application to the to Mrs.Universe UAE Contestant Qualification Team and they will follow up with you directly.
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